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Sunday, January 9th, 2005
11:04 pm
sir smokey11: im still laughing from it
sir smokey11: hes like the Greeks invented Anal lube
AlmostHONAY: if anything it would have been the Spartans
sir smokey11: o snap laurie made a funny
sir smokey11: im so proud of u
AlmostHONAY: well i mean, they all had sex with each other, of course they would need lube, can wage war if you have a sore ass
AlmostHONAY: can't*
AlmostHONAY: hahahahahaha, oh man, god, sorry, hahahahahaha
AlmostHONAY: just had an image of our army's going all spartan, hahahaha, Bush would have a coranary
sir smokey11: dats just not right
AlmostHONAY: the spartans?
sir smokey11: thats probley why the spartans were always waging war
sir smokey11: sore asses
AlmostHONAY: hey, they won, what more do you want?
sir smokey11: they had a unfair advantage
sir smokey11: anal lube
Saturday, July 17th, 2004
6:27 pm
i eat fangirls: hi.
not anita li: hi
i eat fangirls: say something.
not anita li: ./,opjmpo

Current Mood: sick
Sunday, March 21st, 2004
1:02 am
yago11 (12:58:37 AM): who are u having cyber sexxx with?
yago11 (12:58:44 AM): Wanna have sexxx with me?
not anita li (12:59:10 AM): you, we're going to use the turkey baster1 now okay? oh yeah baby
yago11 (12:59:21 AM): :::::moans::::
not anita li (12:59:24 AM): see? i'm 2 steps ahead of you
yago11 (12:59:27 AM): OOooOOOooooOOOo anita
yago11 (12:59:36 AM): Rub ur nipples on my body
not anita li (12:59:42 AM): mmm carla + turkey baster = mega xxx
yago11 (12:59:46 AM): ::::::grabs ur hair:::::
yago11 (12:59:54 AM): OH!
yago11 (12:59:58 AM): LMAO!

1 turkey baster = artificial inseminator aka dildo with sperm inside? (like a twinkie, but with sperm instead of cream, I guess.)

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, March 11th, 2004
6:55 pm
nice to meet you
XShinyaX224 (6:33:25 PM): fuck u little hoe
XShinyaX224 (6:33:49 PM): anta wa bastard san desu
not anita li (6:33:56 PM): hi renny's brother?
not anita li (6:34:06 PM): kisama mo bastard desu
XShinyaX224 (6:34:11 PM): renny san onisan?
not anita li (6:34:24 PM): ee
XShinyaX224 (6:34:30 PM): uso
not anita li (6:34:38 PM): >_>
XShinyaX224 (6:34:53 PM): anta wa japan blow ikku?
XShinyaX224 (6:35:01 PM): bowl*
not anita li (6:35:16 PM): sou desu, watashi tachi wa makemashita -_-;
not anita li (6:35:50 PM): demo rainen ni ikimasu
XShinyaX224 (6:35:54 PM): boku no gaku ichiban desu!!!!
not anita li (6:36:17 PM): bleh
not anita li (6:36:30 PM): rainen, rainen! ><
XShinyaX224 (6:36:40 PM): National IKKU

not anita li (6:36:49 PM): >__>
XShinyaX224 (6:37:24 PM): anta choto kawaii desu
XShinyaX224 (6:37:28 PM): chotto*
not anita li (6:37:43 PM): lol.. arigatou bastard-san
XShinyaX224 (6:38:34 PM): bastard san honta anemi wa Rokku osma desu
not anita li (6:38:58 PM): ohh, hajimemashite

I hope he's not the one I would have to work with. 9_9; I was going to put this in my own livejournal, but I remembered about this little thing, so why not.

Current Mood: curious
Monday, February 2nd, 2004
7:57 pm
sir smokey11: chilling like a villain why dont u holla at yo boy no more
AlmostHONAY: ...
sir smokey11: lol
sir smokey11: what dont like my lingo
AlmostHONAY: i won't even dignify that with a proper response

Dude, I actually need to use that "holla" line sometime, 'twould totally scare some of my friends to hear/see it coming from me.
Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
7:01 pm
i eat fangirls: yaye :D
AlmostHONAY: eat fangirls? or eat out fangirls?
AlmostHONAY: muahahahahahaha
AlmostHONAY: ::cough::
i eat fangirls: XDDD
AlmostHONAY: muahahahahcoughcough
i eat fangirls: i'm not a lesbian whore like you. :p
AlmostHONAY: ::sticks out tongue::
AlmostHONAY: meanie

I repeat, meanie ::raspberry::

Current Mood: amused
Friday, January 16th, 2004
6:54 pm
koin locker baby: next lesson: why aren't asian raw food companies everywherte?
koin locker baby: everywhere*
des pai redx: i have no idea, i guess they rely on one big one, or a lot of them are underground and you know, blackmarket carrots and beansprouts o_O
koin locker baby: XDD
des pai redx: but i guess the companies don't talk about each other, cause it'll be like advertising
koin locker baby: yes the blackmarket, right next to the ninga stars and israli automatic rifles
des pai redx: lol!
koin locker baby: oh come on picture it
des pai redx: i really like this idea XD
koin locker baby: little chinese man yelling ""beansprouts! carrots!"" and on hte left, big man in ninga suit going ""GRRRR"" and on chinese man's right, Isralite teenager going ""GRRRR!! KILL PAKISTENIANS!! BUY MY GUNS!!""
des pai redx: LOL
des pai redx: XDDDD
koin locker baby: and the chinese man going ""beansprout! carrots! AIYA, guns so expensive nowadays""
koin locker baby: lmao
des pai redx: XDDD
koin locker baby: oh man, i'm so good at secanrios
des pai redx: lol yes you are
des pai redx: i have to burn br2 for you, i hope i remember T.T remind me, if i don't, for some reason
koin locker baby: and then littel chinese woman comming up..
koin locker baby: and she yells ""don't buy guns too expensive! Buy beansprouts! not real ninga!""
des pai redx: XD!!
koin locker baby: because we al know a little chinese woman would do that
des pai redx: lol, yes
koin locker baby: that's the girl with shuya
des pai redx: ah, now this scenario is like one i would like to become reality, like santa claus
des pai redx: XD
des pai redx: that explains why she didn't go with shuya to the island
des pai redx: had to stay behind and sell the beansprouts
koin locker baby: oh man, we just found the missing years of BR
des pai redx: XD
koin locker baby: island? haven't seen yet
des pai redx: i know, but its nothing spoilerific
koin locker baby: BAttle Royale: The Lost Year
Preview: "Beansprouts! Carrots!"
des pai redx: XDDD
koin locker baby: are you dying of laughtre like me
des pai redx: totally
koin locker baby: ok, i get to post this in the im_fetish thingy

Current Mood: laughing my ass off
Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
9:40 pm
BoBdRaGoN1233: I just needed to confess my sins
AlmostHONAY: alrighty, am i the priest now?
BoBdRaGoN1233: yes]
AlmostHONAY: do i get to rape pretty boys?
BoBdRaGoN1233: if you really want to
AlmostHONAY: oh, okay then, that should be an interesting experience
BoBdRaGoN1233: lol
AlmostHONAY: you go have fun with those sins then, i'm off to find the pretty alter boys

That was so wrong, and I can't believe I said that. BAH!
Wrong, but I'm still laughing about it, mm hmm.
Think Curt Wild would have made a pretty alter boy?

Current Mood: embarrassed
Friday, January 2nd, 2004
12:21 am
des pai redx (12:03:07 AM): that picture of him, with the girl, makes him look really really tall o_o
des pai redx (12:03:13 AM): but i think the girl is just short
XShinyaX224 (12:03:33 AM): yes
XShinyaX224 (12:03:33 AM): lol
XShinyaX224 (12:03:39 AM): maybe he's taller than ne-chan?
XShinyaX224 (12:03:42 AM): a little?
des pai redx (12:04:00 AM): but i'm not that tall, but in that picture he looks really really tall o_o like towering
des pai redx (12:04:11 AM): cause he's hunching a little i guess -_-
XShinyaX224 (12:04:44 AM): If you think about it...he looks as if his head is touching the sign...
XShinyaX224 (12:05:00 AM): wow...maybe Ne-chan is as tall as Die?
des pai redx (12:05:21 AM): @_@ i'm only 5' 4!
des pai redx (12:05:32 AM): -feels like giant now-
XShinyaX224 (12:06:07 AM): no you can't be!
XShinyaX224 (12:06:25 AM): I'm 5'3" almost 4...and kyo is 5'4" too....

this makes me feel so short asian and just plain confused (to why I'm being compared to die's height).

Current Mood: confused
Saturday, December 27th, 2003
3:47 pm
Romeo Was So Gay: because she* thinks your family hates me or something.
Romeo Was So Gay: not that i blame her.
nOvem ber duCk: o_o
nOvem ber duCk: We love you.
nOvem ber duCk: -Pets.-
Romeo Was So Gay: i mean, i've poisoned your mind so much. v_v
Romeo Was So Gay: you were a pure, innocent girl before you met me.
nOvem ber duCk: ... have you OVER for dinner, I mean. :3
nOvem ber duCk: YEAH MAN
nOvem ber duCk: WE ATE HER.
Romeo Was So Gay: oh.


Damn Rachel and her cannibalism.

Current Mood: fatty
Saturday, December 20th, 2003
1:45 am
swishsnogger: *yawns* oh my god, first yawn of the nite. I gave in, I'm gonna be continuously yawning.
AlmostHONAY: heh
AlmostHONAY: evil things, take over the body, water the eyes, ruin good reading flow as well
AlmostHONAY: oh shit!
AlmostHONAY: i just yawned!
swishsnogger: cause I did
AlmostHONAY: tis your fault, mm hmm
swishsnogger: *yawns again*
AlmostHONAY: no no
swishsnogger: *yawns more*
AlmostHONAY: ::tightens jaw, i will NOT yawn::
AlmostHONAY: shit shit shit
AlmostHONAY: nooo, not gonna do it
AlmostHONAY: ::yawns::
AlmostHONAY: dammit
AlmostHONAY: ::wipes eyes, grrr
swishsnogger: *yawns again*
AlmostHONAY: sto stop!
swishsnogger: it's your fault!
AlmostHONAY: you are, my friend, very evil
AlmostHONAY: no it's not!
AlmostHONAY: it's YOURS!
AlmostHONAY: you did it first!
swishsnogger: no, its yours!
swishsnogger: quit saying it.
AlmostHONAY: ::yawns::
AlmostHONAY: dammit!

Well other people posted tonight, so I did as well, heh.

Damn, I just yawned again. All her fault.

Current Mood: awake
1:02 am
AlmostHONAY (12:56:13 AM): so HEY, what exactly are we supposed to do or post in the IM_fetish?
AlmostHONAY (12:56:54 AM): ??
des pai redx (12:56:55 AM): um, nothing? it was created out of humor, that lasted temporary I suppose
AlmostHONAY (12:57:16 AM): yes, but we should sue it for something now
AlmostHONAY (12:57:25 AM): tis just taking up space
AlmostHONAY (12:57:37 AM): use*
AlmostHONAY (12:57:41 AM): not suuue
des pai redx (12:57:47 AM): oh you're right
des pai redx (12:57:51 AM): what could we use it for?
AlmostHONAY (12:58:00 AM): dunno
AlmostHONAY (12:58:02 AM): ...
des pai redx (12:58:07 AM): hmm..
AlmostHONAY (12:58:08 AM): post IM convos that amuse us?
des pai redx (12:58:25 AM): maybe
AlmostHONAY (12:58:27 AM): that's what i was putting in it out of boredom
des pai redx (12:59:03 AM): er? there's things in it? besides those 2 posts?

I honestly did not know. Mainly because I cannot read.

des pai redx (1:01:18 AM): ^_^
des pai redx (1:01:21 AM): ^__^
Romeo Was So Gay (1:02:23 AM): ;___________________________________; YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST.

Thought I ought to share. I am the best.

Current Mood: cold
Thursday, December 18th, 2003
12:15 am
sir smokey11: gay sex is nasty too
sir smokey11: in my opinion
sir smokey11: well i'm off
sir smokey11: to be disgusted

See what you get when you tell poeple to go look up Sodomy?
you start talking about beastiality and gay sex.
And what kind of youth do we have today where people don't know what the word sodomy means? Or atleast what it implies.

Current Mood: aggravated
Monday, December 15th, 2003
6:57 pm

AlmostHONAY: ::grin:: Tis Bowie
sir smokey11: wft
sir smokey11: hahah hes a crouch stuffer
AlmostHONAY: i believe you mean wtf*
AlmostHONAY: oh no hun
AlmostHONAY: it's all real
AlmostHONAY: as you can see in The Man Who Fell To Earth
sir smokey11: i dont wanna see
AlmostHONAY: lol
sir smokey11: shit looks like dat guy can pleasure a horse
AlmostHONAY: ::cracking up::
sir smokey11: jsut stating the obvious

Grr with the bah now.
He does NOT stuff. Which is QUITE clear in The Man Who Fell To Earth.
Seriously, that's ALL him. And doesn't Iman look pretty? I'm so happy he stayed together with her. Gah, and not the annoying one who I just call Mandy because I can never remember her name.

Current Mood: amused
4:39 pm
Fallon [girl who sits in front of me in Spanish]: Ralph is so weird! He IMed me asking for Spanish homework and, like, he used grammar and spelled things out and stuff! It's so annoying!
Me: You know, some people find it annoying if you DON'T use correct grammar and spelling.
Fallon: ...Was I talking to you?

Can we say... LMAO?

Current Mood: annoyed
2:36 am
IM fetish? For people who have a fetish with IMing... Alice? Is that it? Lol.
I'm so confused.
I come home from the Jingle Ball to see -
des pai redx: laurie, please join <3
right on top of my computer. Alright, I'll bite.

I clicked, I joined, I read the User Info page.... and still I'm somewhat at a loss....

So will the mod explain what the point is to me?
Whoever the "Mod" may be, since I've forgotten by this point in the post, heh.

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, December 14th, 2003
10:31 pm


Current Mood: horny
9:35 pm
You see, winds_of_time and I are insane super cool. A conversation we once had inspired me to make this.

I should now be hung.

Current Mood: wtf.
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